Frank Bald Began World's Greatest Coffees With A Purpose

Dr Frank Bald assisting in Tanzania Africa Dental group

Dr. Frank Bald, an Oral Surgeon from North Carolina, travels to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa, bringing supplies and monitors that are necessary to safely perform sedation on patients getting extractions, biopsies etc.  He and Dr. Samwel Charles Mwalutambi of Tanzania work on a patient in Dar es Salaam in the photo on the left.

Dental Patient in Tanzania Africa Sedation monitors

Until now the dental school in Tanzania (dentist and dental students) had no training or monitors to perform even light sedation. Dr. Bald has been teaching the students how to make their patients a little more comfortable with sedation.  Dr. Bald also assists with cases in the Tanzania Oral Surgery Group when he is in Tanzania.

Workers from Choice Coffee Co Ltd Sewing Kitenge cloth over coffee packages for Kilimanjaro Coffee

Photo on left shows workers at Choice Coffee Co. Ltd.

World's Greatest Coffees With a Purpose began when Dr. Bald discovered the extraordinary flavor of Kilimanjaro Coffee on one of his trips to Tanzania.  He determined he could share this amazing coffee with you.  Dr. Bald was inspired by how Rose Swai, founder of Choice Coffee Co. Ltd, has progressively grown her business, providing much needed jobs in the area.  The result is  a high quality coffee sourced by someone who truly cares about her product and workers.

Kilimanjaro Coffee packages wrapped in Kitenge cloth vibrant colored patterns

Understanding the great financial need for the Tanzanian Oral Surgery Group, Dr. Bald decided that donating 20% of the proceeds from coffee sales directly to the Tanzania Dental Group would be a continuous way to facilitate their efforts.